I am making available for sale full CD and DVD sets of Debian 4.0 ("etch"), using the official Debian CD images.

The price for these discs is £2 each (CD or DVD), plus £2 per order (more if you order more than 14 discs) to cover postage and packing.

Unlike most vendors, I am offering CD and DVD sets for any architecture that is part of the official Debian release. Please check carefully to make sure you are ordering the discs you need. There may be a delay of a day or two for some architectures; I will get in touch when you place the order, and give you a chance to cancel, if this is the case.

Payment: I can accept two forms of payment.

In either case, I shall not burn discs until payment has been confirmed (either with the cleared cheque or with the arrival of merchandise).

Delivery: Discs will be posted first-class in a card envelope. Discs can only be sent to UK addresses; if you are outside the UK, check the Debian project for a vendor closer to you. I accept no liability for discs lost in the post; getting proof of posting would increase the postage rate by four or more pounds per order.

Ordering: Just fill in the web form, and follow the directions thereon.

Caveat emptor: As with any CD-R and DVD-R media, treat the disks properly if you want them to last. Recording is done by briefly heating a dye and relying on a change in its molecular structure when it cools. Therefore, do not store the disks where they could be subject to sunlight or direct heat.

Because these disks are consumer-recordable, they cannot be absolutely guaranteed to be compatible with your drive. In particular, some older Sparc machines have difficulties reading CD-Rs. However, I have not encountered any difficulties with any modern drive I have tried.