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What's New?

January 14, 2002

The Black Swan resurfaces…but does she still have her gang? Read all about it in the latest Air Action Weekly!


Justine "Battle-axe" Perot and the dreaded Medusas squadron launch a daring jewel heist—and get more trouble than they bargain for—in "Diamond Deception" by Brannon W. Boren.


Remember: the first Spicy Air Tales eBook—Eric Nylund's thrilling Paladin Blake adventure, "The Case of the Phantom Prototype"—is available for free download in the Back Issues section!


For a discussion forum about the Crimson Skies PC game, click here.

Six complete Spicy Air Tales novellas are now available!

A new tale of Paladin Blake's early adventures! Gentleman pirate fighter Blake uncovers a deadly nest of pirates in "Paladin Blake and the Secret City," by Eric Nylund.
Treachery and pirate intrigue abound in Michael B. Lee's "The Manchurian Gambit," featuring "Genghis" Kahn!
Intrigue and danger await in Geoff Skellams' "Stripped of Honor!" featuring Loyle "Show-stopper" Crawford!
Beautiful Charlie Steele leads a daring mission to infiltrate a pirate fortress! Is the mysterious Nathan Zachary friend or foe? Find out in "Charlie Steele and the Menace in the Mountains" by Nancy Berman with Noah Dudley!
Don't miss Eric Nylund's tale of Paladin Blake's early days: "The Case of the Phantom Prototype!"

Read more Spicy Air Tales or check out Air Action Weekly, Warriors of the Air, and Atlas World News to find out what's happening in the Crimson Skies over your nation.

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