Marshal Bill Redmann
Marshal Bill Redmann "Marshal" Bill Redmann

Bill Redmann's early life indicated he would one day be a moral, well-educated and honorable man. The son of a prominent Dallas judge and scion of one of a well-respected family, Redmann excelled in his studies and was a fair athlete (though he was frustrated at only being "good enough") and in general gave everyone in Dallas no reason to doubt he would one day be a prominent lawyer or businessman. Instead, Redmann is one of the most hated and feared pirates in the Republic of Texas.

Redmann's drive to succeed was always overwhelming. When he voiced an interest in flying during his high school years, his father arranged for private lessons with then—USAF Captain Steve "Fireman" Kelley, a friend of the family. Redmann's piloting was above average for such a young man, though he occasionally bridled at Kelley's instruction.

After high school, Redmann attended Princeton. Originally a law student, Redmann changed his focus to business in his second year. Shortly after changing major, however, the 1929 stock market crash ended his hopes of a career in industry. After Texas seceded from the Union, Redmann quit college and returned home, where he enrolled in the law and history programs at Dallas' leading college. After a year, he again quit, joining the Texas Rangers air militia. Gunther Redmann, hoping that his son's drive toward excellence would someday make him a hero of the Republic, helped secure him a position in Steve Kelley's squadron.

Unfortunately, Bill Redmann still nursed bitter memories of his flight training with "Fireman" Kelley. Despite successfully learning to fly an aircraft, Redmann considered his training with Kelley to be a failure, since he never surpassed his teacher. As part of Kelley's squadron, Redmann repeatedly challenged his superior's authority. Insubordinate and caustic, Redmann frequently attacked Kelley's leadership. In the air, Redmann was brutal and ruthless, earning the derisive nickname "Gravedigger." The nickname became the source of several fistfights and one dogfight that earned both pilots an official reprimand.

During a mission, Redmann disobeyed orders and shot down a Dixie passenger zeppelin suspected of smuggling liquor into Texas, earning him a court-martial. During the hearing, Steve Kelley delivered the most damning testimony against Redmann. As a result, Redmann was dishonorably discharged.

It wasn't long before Redmann got his revenge. Sneaking back onto the airfield the next day, he stole his own plane from the Rangers just as Kelley was preparing to leave on a routine patrol. Kelley's wingman never made it into the air—Redmann riddled her plane with bullets while it was still on the runway. The dogfight between Redmann and Kelley raged for five minutes, though Redmann appeared to be losing. Redmann eventually reduced power, "waggling" his wings in the traditional sign of surrender. When Kelley came around to lead Redmann back to the ground, Redmann fired on him, forcing Kelley to bail out.

In a further outrage, Redmann made another pass and cut Kelley down with a burst from his cannons. Bill "Marshal" Redmann has since become the most wanted criminal sought by the Texas Rangers. He has killed twenty-three pilots in combat, shooting down thirteen against the Rangers alone. He has also had run-ins with Dixie and the People's Collective, and has even faced the Black Swan in dogfights.