Major Loyle Show Stopper Crawford
Black Swans Loyle Crawford

Loyle Crawford, the nephew of Madison Avenue veteran Bryce Crawford, entered the elite of Empire State society at a young age. The Crawfords—one of the wealthiest families in New York City—were early success stories in the publishing and advertising arenas.

Despite the dismantling of the United States, the Crawfords landed on their feet and, in fact, managed to thrive (moving from publishing into stock trading, political power-brokering, and banking, in addition to their substantial publishing/marketing empire). Loyle (an exceptional athlete and above-average student) eventually attended Yale, and, upon graduation spent a year involved in the family business.

While working for Crawford Industries, he learned how to walk New York's corridors of power and began building contacts and friendships that would become immensely valuable later. In his late 20s (and following the example of the younger Kennedys and Carnegies) he signed up for a tour of duty with the Empire State's militia. Because of his family's prominence, Crawford was accepted directly into the Broadway Bombers, the best pilots the Empire State could field.

Loyle proved to be a natural pilot (though somewhat reckless and flamboyant in his flying style). Despite the occasional dressing-down from flight instructors for violating the occasional safety rule, Loyle eventually became a valued addition to the Bombers' flight roster. While most of the Crawford family fretted over Loyle's dangerous choice of lifestyle, Bryce Crawford was elated.

Where Loyle was the firebrand pilot protégé, Bryce was a master of public relations. Using the family publishing empire, Bryce lionized Loyle in the popular press, painting him as the best pilot in the most-elite unit in the skies. Loyle was literally an "overnight" success. While reportedly irritated at his uncle's blatant sensationalism, Loyle has not disappointed the reading public: he has fought against pirate bands raiding out of the Champlain Valley, and later, in a skirmish against the Industrial States of America (over right-of-passage for I.S.A. cargo vessels through the St. Lawrence River valley). Loyle's performance in the I.S.A. engagement earned him the nickname "Show Stopper" (for his combat style—fast, ruthless, efficient, and effective). According to a recent Air Action Weekly article, "Loyle Crawford prefers to shred an opposing plane rather than merely crippling it."