Fortune Hunters
Fortune Hunters

The infamous Fortune Hunters—and their enigmatic leader, Nathan Zachary—have made a name for themselves in the criminal fraternity, specializing in daring, high-risk raids that maximize profits...and minimize civilian casualties.

Formed in the early days of the breakup of the U.S., Zachary insists that his crew steal only from those wealthy enough to afford the loss, earning the Fortune Hunters somewhat undeserved reputations as modern-day Robin Hoods. (They've mastered stealing from the rich; they just haven't gotten around to giving to the poor as yet.)

In addition, the Fortune Hunters are not given to the savagery that typifies much of modern piracy; the group's "Articles of Piracy" states that no Fortune Hunter will harm or kill the innocent...a tenet that has led many brave (and foolish) pirates to underestimate Zachary's resolve.

For the first half of the 1930s, the Fortune Hunters were regarded as little more than flamboyant and daring, but ultimately minor, thieves. Zachary's raids rarely equaled the colorful exploits of the Black Swan, and lacked the lurid appeal of the machinations of ruthless schemers like "Genghis" Kahn or "Marshal" Redmann.

The Fortune Hunters' operations have grown increasingly bold, however—and more deadly. A recent alliance between Zachary and the shadowy pirate-mercenary Lucas Miles culminated in a fierce and bloody showdown in the skies over Cuba. Though the Fortune Hunters—and their headquarters zeppelin, the Pandora—took a beating, it clearly illustrated to the rest of the pirate underworld that this intrepid band of rogues is anything but soft.