These are general points which have caused contention in our games, and which cannot easily be resolved by reference to the rules. These solutions are not claimed to be "official" by any means, but can serve as a common information base.


Submunitions have a single arc, and do require a firecon per ship target.

AA megabattery

An AA battery that overloads does not do damage on the shot on which it overloads. It may, however, be repaired by damage control.

Cloaking and FTL

Ships may not enter or leave FTL while cloaked.

Movement orders

The codes I use when writing movement orders are:

+ - Increase or decrease speed
P S Turn to Port or Starboard
F Launch Fighters
L Lay mines
M Launch Missiles
J Engage FTL (Jump)

Any more?

Please let me know!

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