Optional systems

Submunition missile

Mass 2, cost 6 (as normal missile)

The submunition missile behaves in all respects as a normal missile until it detonates. At that point, ten separate one-shot C-type beam weapons are activated; these may be fired at any valid target (i.e. within 6" and not in the missile's rear arc). At least half the weapons, however, must be fired at the ship which the missile is attacking (i.e. the one which has just fired). The missile may not be attacked by PDAFs, though ADAFs may attack it normally.

The individual submunitions each do a standard beam weapon die of damage.

Needle fighters

Mass 6, cost 38 for a full group (+3 per fighter)

Needle fighters are a specialised form of anti-ship fighter, which are intended to do specific systems damage to enemy ships. They sacrifice their anti-fighter capabilities to this end, killing enemy fighters only on a 6. The needle beams have an attack range of only 6"; each of them kills a specified enemy system target on a roll of 6. (Note that all the system targets must be declared before fire resolution begins.)

Optional rules

True cloaking

When using cloaked ships, we rule that all movement orders must be written at the moment the ship cloaks. This provides an equivalent situation to blind movement, without requiring the player to leave the room.

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