Full Thrust Victory Point System

Roger Burton West
17 October 2003

This victory point system is designed to give reasonable rewards for unbalanced Full Thrust battles. Historically, it's very rare for a battle to occur when forces are even; unless at least one commander feels he has superiority, nobody will attack. Of course there are special cases, usually desperation measures; but the normal practice is a battle where the approximate outcome (at least in terms of "this side wins") is known.

The inputs to this system are:

The procedure is:

  1. Add up the total value of each side before the battle. (preA, preB)
  2. Add up the total value of each side after the battle. (postA, postB)
  3. Calculate victory points for A as: (postA+preB-postB)/preA
  4. Calculate victory points for B similarly.

So, if a single Lenov (CPV 16) takes on a fully-armed double-missile Valley Forge (CPV 813) and manages somehow to do a threshold before being destroyed:





the ESU victory points are (0+813-610)/16=13

the NAC victory points are (610+16-0)/813=1

a substantial victory for the ESU.