Saturday 3 March 2007. Original 2560x1920 images available on request . All images by Roger.

The rules for gun salutes. (0.06326 sec at f/3.6)

Decorated guns

A Burmese piece, painted by the Navy. (0.4 sec at f/4.2)

(1/2 sec at f/4.8)

(0.3 sec at f/3.6)

The ammunition room

Toys! (0.3 sec at f/2.8)

Someone has paid attention to the visual design element here, sending the message "you are on the wrong end of this missile"... (0.3 sec at f/2.8)

Green Mace

British antiaircraft gun prototype from the mid-1950s. 5" gun firing 75 rounds per minute; two 14-round drums on the back held the fin-stabilised projectiles. Made obsolete by guided missiles before it could enter service.

(1/30 sec at f/2.8)

(0.006344 sec at f/2.8)

(0.017401 sec at f/2.8)

(0.013174 sec at f/2.8)


Mule, Training - for practicing gun-loading procedures. (1/10 sec at f/3.6)

The Art of Shooting Great Ordnance (1578) (1/5 sec at f/2.8)

A Maxim gun. (1/1 sec at f/3.9)


From the Woolwich ferry on the way home. Use it now before Livingstone has it shut down. (0.00341 sec at f/4.7)