TomTom's abandoned product CityMaps 2003 provides the latest available maps that can be used with a Psion (either with the EPOC version of the CM2003 software, if you can find it, or with the earlier CityMaps v3). However, it is "protected" by having the map files stored in non-native format, meaning that you need to run the installer each time you want to add a map and that you can only install maps over a serial link (rather than, say, the 100x faster 10baseT connection available with a gold card). With CityMaps v3 this was a proprietary file (.apk); fortunately, CityMaps 2003 switched to Microsoft .cab files, and it is thus possible to convert these to installable .sis files.

This procedure can be automated, and here's a script to do it on Linux (and probably other unices). You will need:

  1. Pick the maps you wish to install. The overlays may be helpful in this regard.
  2. Copy both the .CAB and the .ini file for the map from the CD into a working directory.
  3. From that directory, run cm2sis <mapname> (or if you want to do a bulk conversion, cm2sis *.CAB).
  4. Enjoy your new .sis file.

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