It is possible to get an ssh v2 client onto a Netbook. Since the ssh v1 protocol has been compromised, this is an essential prerequisite for secure logins. This is what worked for me:

  1. Get hold of the distributed version of mindterm for EPOC. It's no longer available from psionteklogix, but it's still mirrored on a Cambridge University server. If that link breaks, try this local one. Install it. This gets you the support files.
    If you don't already have a JRE, go and find one. The Netbook has it installed as a standard item.
  2. Get hold of a later version of the mindterm java client, but NOT the very latest. I used v2.0, because that supports ssh v2 but is still small enough to work well. That's mirrored here with documentation here and, in emergency, here with documentation here.
  3. Take the mindterm.jar from that later version and copy it into /System/Java/ext (where the mindtermfull.jar that you installed earlier lives).
  4. Edit the setup file /System/Apps/MT/MT.txt (which you have to do anyway) so that it reads
    com.mindbright.application.MindTerm -cp mindterm.jar
    because in this particular combination the GUI actually works. (Which it apparently didn't in the original released version.)
  5. Profit!


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