Elytron for Unreal Tournament

Elytron is a dedicated-server controller for Unreal Tournament. It has been designed and tested under Linux, though it should be usable in Windows with some modification.

This is a work in progress! Use at your own risk.

Download elytron here.

You'll also need the Config::IniFiles and HTML::Template modules from CPAN, as well as DBI and a driver if you want to generate a download page (this is not yet documented).

Flashy things this does:

To use:

The "gamecount" parameter can be used to stop the server after a certain number of games - set it to 0 to disable this feature.

Configuration is case-sensitive, even to map file names. Beware.

ServerPackages lines are generated automatically. That's what the mutators section titles are for. Lines within the mutators entries will be appended to the unrealtournament.ini file.