Images from LanParty VI

Let's Get Things Started

Infinitas (Sean K) waits to plant the flag in Lava Giant.

King of the Hill

This gametype doesn't necessarily reward fragging power.

Unreal4Ever Tournament

The weapons held our interest for several hours... but the extra skins were a bit naff.
I've promised I won't do these more than once an hour from now on.
This is about as good as the U4eT skins got, probably because we're saved the walking dynamics - it just hovers.
The Phasor wasn't the most powerful U4eT weapon, but it was very well liked. Probably because you could upgrade its power by picking up additional weapons.
And it did a lot of damage quickly, provided you could keep it on target.

New Assault Maps

An early casualty on AS-Bridge. Third-party assault levels are getting quite good now.
Choices, choices... Defend the ship or stand around gawping at the architecture?

Back to CTF

Poetry in motion - or it would have been if Roger's system hadn't crashed just then. Yes, we did try to shift her with high explosives.
What do we have here?
Bots that don't check their six, evidently.
I'd love to be able to post some action pictures from "Return of the Traitor Cow", but I was just too busy enjoying myself.
Strangelove adds yet another dimension to the Hall of Giants.

Sunday Assault

Incarnadine running for her life - not the way things usually turned out in AS-Bankjob.
And a rather cruel reminder of another LanParty, another death...
Getting here was half the fun... I couldn't find it at all for two entire runs through the map!
Frags-Per-Hour championship reprise. AS-Overlord is supreme in this respect.

Deathmatching in the Relics of Another Civilisation

I was usually beaten by if in the Marathon conversion maps... this is a reverse.

The Last Flag

And that's it!

Connection Lost.