The Sharp End is an irregular not-quite-fanzine dealing with issues and techniques in running rôle-playing games. We aim to be of use mainly to those who run games, though players may also find material of interest here.

It seems to be a tradition of editorials to give some background on the editor. The quick summary: I have been involved in rôle-playing for over half of my life, and have been running games for most of that time. I have had a few short articles published in various gaming magazines (and will be happy to autograph them for a modest fee). I am currently (in my copious free time) working on various gaming projects.

As for editorial attitudes, I find rôle-playing itself to be one of the most rewarding things about the games. While not a fan of specifically "story-telling" games, I find the development of a believable, non-self character to be a very great pleasure.

What I aim to achieve in this journal is something beyond Dragon magazine's periodic "advice to the GM" articles; more sophisticated advice, going beyond the very basic GM techniques they favour. In this issue, we have articles on running small-scale PBM games; using real-world religions in RPGs; combat lethality; and why powergamers do what they do, and how to stop them.

The alert reader will notice that large parts of this issue have been written by the editor. I have no intention of repeating this feat; if a second issue appears, it will be because you have written it!

The editor may be contacted at . Article submissions are welcome; writers' guidelines are available.

Disclaimer (just in case): the views of authors of articles are not necessarily the views of the editor; the editor accepts no responsibility for any perceived libels or offences. Most names of games and other products mentioned herein are trademarks owned by the companies publishing those products. Use of the name of any product without mention of trademark status should not be construed as a challenge to such status.

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